Altered Rooms

Print unique designs at home and personalize your space with 3D printing.

Ad 810 x 120

3D Printing for Your Small Apartment or Condo Dining Room

Walnut wood provides the color mood for this spacious dining area. Printed braces support a table top that can be custom ordered online. A hollow aluminum tube serves as a curtain rod, holding printable finials and hooks. Links to more information are below:

Cabinet Handle
Limne Handle by cSandra (P)
Desktop Printer 3D Printable Chair With Cushion by cSandra
Curtain Bracket
Vaun Curtain Rod Bracket by cSandra (F)
Curtain Finial
Curtain Rod Finial Orb by cSandra (F)
Curtain Hooks
Curtain Rod Hook by cSandra (F)
Dining Table Brackets
Tripod Table by Shared Objects (F)
Fruits by hoshimov0708mirzohid (F)

Fruit Bowl
Konic Bowl by cSandra (F)
Pendant Light Cover
Pendant Light Pro by MRINC (P)
Wall Art
Woman and Man Faces by cSandra, a remix of Two Faces by mishkin2 (F)

F = Free model at publication time

P = Not a free model at publication time


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