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3D Printed Shoe Storage Ideas

     We all wear shoes for our daily lives, many of us owning several different pairs for various occasions. But storing all of these shoes can be quite the challenge, perhaps even causing you to trip over them when coming home from a stressful day of work.

     In order to avoid expensive furniture, we are using this article to take a closer look at different storage options for your shoes, so that you can design and print the version you feel fits your home the best, from your own 3d printer, keeping costs low, removing clutter from your entryway, and keeping things creative!     

Before short-term or long-term storage

While this article mainly deals with the different options for storing your shoes, it is also important to follow a few basic principles when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. One of the most important tips we have to share is cleaning the inside and outside of your shoes, before storing them. 

Whether you just plan on keeping your shoes out of sight for a few days, or perhaps put them away until the next season, cleaning your shoes is imperative for good hygiene. The same goes with allowing your shoes to dry out, before storing them. Humidity can be a real issue for shoes, especially considering long-term storage, as this environment can cause mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors to develop. 

Finally, our last tip has to do with maintaining a proper shape of your shoes, by using 3d printable shoe trees. This way your shoes will not become saggy in the mesh, or wrinkled in the leather, allowing you to keep your shoes looking fresh and new. You can even choose extendable 3d printable shoe trees, so that you can use the same shoe trees for many different types of shoes.

Options for storage

When it comes to the different types of storage options, there are quite a few variations, depending on your design aesthetic, the room you have available, the amount of material you want to print, and also the types of shoes that you own. 


3d printable shoe organizers

These types of organizers will spoil you for choice. From the modular shoe bins, to cleverly designed shoe dividers, there are many different types of printable organizers for your shoes, that will not only fit your closet or entryway, but also your personal taste.

The benefit of shoe organizers is that each pair of shoes will be kept together, in a dedicated spot, which not only prevents them from being damaged or lost, but also makes it easy to sort in terms of season, owner, or even color.

Blue – Organizador de zapatos reforzado by Control 3D; Orange – Shoe Organizer by JGR; Beige – Shoe Caddy by; Shoe Organizer by Majlen
Berry – Shoe Rack by Extrutim; Lavender – Stackable Shoe Rack by 3DDIY; Brown – Shoe Organizer Puzzle Assembly by Iván Cabañero

3d printable shoe rack

Printing your own shoe rack is not only an easy project, but also quite a neat solution for shoe storage. Depending on the design you choose, you might be able to do without any tools at all, but even the more advanced shoe racks generally tend to need just a screwdriver or similar.

With a few quick prints, you can quickly organize your collection of shoes, without spending too much time on each individual pair of shoes, as these racks make it easy to store and retrieve your footwear.

Shoe cubbies

If you enjoy collecting shoes, you might want to consider shoe cubbies for your collection. This method of organizing allows you to feature and display all of your shoes, without it taking up too much space. 

Due to the amount of material required for shoe cubbies, there aren’t many good 3d printable versions at the moment, and even if there were, it would take you days of printing non-stop in order to get them done. That is why we have chosen an AI image.

Left – Shoedryer by Mrak3D; Center top – Shoe peg by REG; Center bottom – Shoe Rack by Sick Sad World; Right top – Shoe shelf by Ojai

Hanging shoe organizer

Typically when we think of shoes, we think of them taking up a lot of space on the floor. But with these hanging shoe organizers, you can 3D print a range of hanging solutions that allow you to maximize the space on your wall, and create a nice and open space on the floor in your entry or hallway. 

Depending on the design you choose, you can even create an interesting vertical display of your shoes, possibly arranged by color, shapes or similar, that helps accentuate your space, and showcase your own personal preferences and taste. It also becomes easy to organize the entire family’s shoes, as every pair will be equally accessible.

Shoe boxes

Not all shoe boxes have to be boring and basic. Shoe boxes are one of the classic staples of anyone organizing their shoes efficiently. And with the thousands of different commercial designs on the market, you can easily choose between a variety of colors, patterns and overall designs. This makes it easy to achieve the exact look you are going for.

Just keep in mind that closed plastic shoe boxes can be detrimental to the overall condition of your shoes and feet. If you are set on using plastic boxes for shoe storage, one option could be 3d printing the lids for your boxes, by designing a new cover with built-in ventilation grooves, that allows your shoes to breathe, and thus avoid the different issues you might otherwise experience.

We recommend that you store your shoes in 3d printed plastic shoe boxes with a design that makes use of ventilation in one form or another, such as perforations or mesh-like patterns. 

This will allow proper airflow and prevent moisture buildup, ensuring your shoes stay fresh and free from unpleasant odors.

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Written by Mark Pedersen


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