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Decorative Soundproofing in Entryways With 3D Prints

Entryway with Hexa Hushes
Entryway with light brown walls. Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.

Increasing the comfort of our living space is a quest worthwhile pursuing, and something that can be achieved with relative ease when combining 3D printing and other innovative solutions.

Today we will explore some different ways in which you can achieve effective soundproofing in your entryway, and discuss the benefits and downsides to each of them. 

The goal is not just to reduce the amount of noise pollution in our homes, but also to produce decorative items that will enhance the visual appeal of the entryway, so let’s get started!

The Materials Needed

Cotton stems in glass vase
Photo by Mehmet Keskin on Unsplash

Before we go in depth with the specific prints we have in store for you today, let us first touch on the different kinds of materials we will consider for achieving effective soundproofing. Extensive research has already been made on this front, leading us to conclude that one of the best options for our purpose would be to use cotton batting, as it absorbs noise more effectively than PLA.

If you want to learn more about the specific study and the key findings, you can explore this research paper, that goes into more details. In short however, it is advised to use around 8 layers of cotton batts, and if possible it is preferred to go for non-bonded types (webs), rather than needle-punched fabrics.

Let us now explore the 3 different prints that we have to showcase today.


Sound absorbing Hexa-Hushes surrounding a door.

These hexagon shaped 3D prints are quick to print, due to their hollow size, and allows for 6-8 layers of cotton batting. There are several models to choose from, allowing you to print a full hexagon, or a partial hexagon with a straight line to allow placement near corners and edges.

Not only does this design look sleek and modern, it is also an effective way to minimize noise pollution in your home. The beauty of this design is that it works both ways, meaning you can soundproof your office to get better sound quality on your microphone, or to eliminate external noise.

While the Hexa-Hush models have been designed for cotton batting, you are of course free to use other materials that you might want to try out. Just be careful of the final weight, as the current models are designed to be mounted with 3M adhesive strips. Of course, you could easily modify this design to include holes for screws or other mounting options.

For a quick introduction to the Hexa-Hush, we recommend that you watch this short YouTube video: Hexa-Hush, sound-absorbing hexagons you can make yourself.

3D Printed Sound Absorbing Wall Partition

Render of 3d printable acoustic partition.

Next up on our list of interesting 3D prints is an acoustic wall partition. This one is a bit more situational, but can be really effective in hallways where the sound travels down the open corridor.

This model is designed to function as a partial wall, being able to stand on its own, while also acting as an effective soundproofing element. The origins of this wall partition were inspired by Feng Shui and the need to conceal a nook in a decorative and subtle way.

The idea evolved into incorporating sound absorption into the design, transforming what could have been a simple divider into a multi-purpose piece of home decor, that is easy and cheap to make, while serving its purpose effectively. 

If you are interested in getting your hands on these 3D prints, please visit the creators page on Printables, where you can find the free download. There are many different pieces included, allowing you to customize the body and the frame to your liking.

3D Printed Acoustic Picture Frames

3D printable acoustic picture frames on a wall.

Last on our list for today is another clever way of decorating your home, while also achieving effective soundproofing. These 3D printed picture frames make it easy to showcase your family photos, favorite wall art, or anything else that displays your personality and makes your home feel unique.

The beauty of these frames are revealed when you consider that the hollow cavity can be lined with cotton batting. As we have discussed already, this sound-absorbing material will help reduce unwanted noise, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful home environment.

They are also easy to mount, as they can be hung on your walls with 3M adhesive strips, meaning you will not need to drill holes or otherwise damage your property, making this solution great for rentals as well.

This model will soon be available on, allowing you to explore the different designs made already, or modify the 3D print files to fit your own custom pictures and wall art, so stay tuned for that!


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