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Enjoy Easter With Customizable 3D Printed Ornate Eggs

Ornate Easter eggs
Basket filled with colorful Easter eggs. Generated with AI ∙ March 13, 2024 at 9:02 PM.

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the combination of imagination and usefulness using 3D printing. We provide advice, for maintaining a living space and feature a range of 3D printed items for enhancing your home, such as wardrobes, art displays, DIY projects, entrance areas and lighting fixtures. Today we’re exploring the realm of 3D printed Easter eggs, where creativity intersects, with technology to bring joy and elegance to your decorations. 

About the Easter Egg

Celebrating Easter is a tradition that goes back a long time, and while many customs have changed over the years, the core revolves around the cycle of life and hope. The easter egg symbolizes this perfectly. Just think of a young chick emerging from its shell, experiencing the world for the first time, filled with hope for things to come.

Today we see the Easter egg as a fixed part of many cultures across the world, with many unique spins and takes on the ritual. Some people enjoy dyeing eggs in vibrant colors, or painting beautiful patterns on each individual egg. Others form elaborate egg hunts that involve the whole family in good-hearted fun.

So what better way to celebrate this, than to combine one of the most modern inventions with one of the oldest traditions, and 3D printing some beautiful Easter eggs for this upcoming season of hope and joy?

Introducing the Ornate Dot Art Egg

Render of Easter table.

Today we will cover one 3D printable egg in particular, namely the Ornate Dot Art Egg #2 Decor/Container by ChelsCCT. The design is incredibly detailed, with much attention having been paid to every part of the surface. Every curve, dot and line have been carefully placed for a resulting work of art that will look good year round, encapsulating the beauty and possibilities of our digital age.

The options for decorating your dining table for the family dinner, or arranging a small display of these eggs at your mantlepiece are nearly endless. You can print the eggs in a single solid color, or if your 3D printer allows for it, choose multiple colors in a beautiful pattern. You can even paint the eggs afterwards for even more detail and unique presentations. 

Selecting the Right Filament

Because this design is so detailed and intricate, it is important that you choose the optimal filament for printing this stunning Easter egg. We have tried several different options for your convenience, and found 3 in particular that we would like to highlight.

We found the best performing filament to be FormFutura 3D High Gloss PLA ColorMorph. This option comes in 9 different colors, such as green, magenta, pink, gold & silver and more, leaving you free to personalize your egg to your liking. The filament produces a high gloss finish, which adds a beautiful sheen that makes the Easter egg stand out even more. 

Another great option would be the Inland Dual Color Silks. This multi-colored filament comes with even more options for colors, making it easy to find the perfect match with your existing decor. The smooth silk-like finish will complement and enhance the details of the Easter egg even further.

Finally, we also recommend the Amolen Silk Dual Color PLA. Like the option before, it comes with a silk-like luster and a smooth finish, resulting in some truly beautiful transitions between colors. This adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to the Easter egg once printed, and the overall quality ensures that all the small details are realized to their fullest potential.

All three of these quality filaments have been chosen to ensure the highest level of details on the Easter egg. Not only that, but each suggested filament was also selected for their ability to run smoothly through the extruder, minimizing the risk of clogging for a flawless print.

Written by Mark Pedersen


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